Bible Award Program

What is the Bible Master Award?
The Bible Master Award, or the Master Seal, is a great way to recognize an individual’s efforts in mastering the questions and answers from the Bible Fact-Pak. The Bible Fact-Pak cards and related resources can be ordered toll-free from Gospel Publishing House.

It’s Not Just for Children!
The Bible Master Program allows individuals to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Bible but can also be used in group settings. It can be used along with Sunday School curriculum, in Children’s Church, in Christian schools, at camps, and in other children’s ministries programs. It’s a wonderful activity for families to do together. Each family member can be working on his or her own level while studying the information together. Many families have used the Bible Fact-Pak for their family devotions and in home schooling.

Not only can the Bible Master Program be used with children but it can also recognize adults who have mastered the material in the Bible Fact-Pak. Achievement is recognized through the award certificate and accompanying seals.

Overseeing the Program
One or more persons should be selected to oversee the awards program and check the individual’s mastery of knowledge. The Bible Fact-Pak cards should be separated by point value, placed in three different containers, and thoroughly mixed. The cards are drawn one at a time, beginning with the 10-point cards. Ask the questions until the individual has satisfactorily completed the level requirements or has exceeded the maximum number of errors. If the individual is unable to complete a level, encourage the person to work for at least a week on the questions and then try again. The individual may try as many times as needed to complete a level. The goal is for the individual to learn and understand the questions and answers.

Presenting the Award
Because the Master Seal reflects a great achievement, it should be presented in a fitting ceremony. One option is to award the seal in front of the entire congregation, and provide a frame in which to place the certificate. Explain to the congregation what the Master Seal is all about and what the recipient has accomplished.

Each Bible Master package contains ten each of the certificates, and ten each of the seals for the Discoverer Level, Searcher Level, and Achiever Level. To earn each of these seals, one must meet the following qualifications:

Discoverer Level: To receive a certificate and earn the seal for the Discoverer Level, an individual must correctly answer:

20 out of 30 of the 10-point questions.

Searcher Level: To earn the seal for the Searcher Level, an individual must correctly answer:

25 out of 30 of the 10-point questions and
15 out of 20 of the 20-point questions.

Achiever Level: To earn the seal for the Achiever Level, an individual must correctly answer:

28 out of 30 of the 10-point questions,
18 out of 20 of the 20-point questions, and
6 out of 10 of the 30-point questions.

Master Level: To earn the seal for the Master Level, an individual must correctly answer 59 of 60 cards. These may be drawn randomly from all 576 question cards or from a selection of:

30 of the 10-point questions,
20 of the 20-point questions, and
10 of the 30-point questions.

Discoverer, Searcher, and Achiever are awarded at the local and district level of
quizzing (the certificate can be found on the My Healthy Church site). The Master
is awarded and recognized at the national level. Please contact your local church
and/or district office to learn the communication process to be used in awarding
the Discoverer, Searcher, and Achiever seals.

The recipient of the completed Bible Master Award will receive a letter of congratulations with the seal. This can be obtained, free of charge, by submitting the award form below. Please fax (417-553-9544) or email ( the award form to the Children’s Ministries office. Please allow up to four weeks for processing.

Beyond The Bible Master Award

Beyond the Bible Master Award is an award program for quizzers who have earned the Bible Master Award and are ready to go beyond—to reach the next level of mastery.

Bible Quoter: Quizzers must correctly answer all 95 quotation questions (107 verses) that have been randomly selected from the Bible Fact-Pak. The process for generating questions for the Bible Quoter is the same as above. When selecting the set of questions from, be sure to select the “Bible Quoter” option.

Bible Excellence: Quizzers must correctly answer at least 571 randomly selected questions from the 576 Bible Fact-Pak questions. This is the only test that does not require a set generated from the

The easiest way to administer the Bible Excellence exam is to use either the Study Guide or the Bible Fact Pak (verifying all questions are present). The person administering the test should randomly ask all 576 questions in one sitting. Study breaks are not permitted once the exam begins.

TESTING INSTRUCTIONS – Bible Master or Beyond the Bible Master Award

In order to test for the Bible Master Award levels an approved tester should log in to the free Question Set Generator ( and then head to the page to generate questions. By selecting the option that matches the title of the test being given a new set of questions that meet the national criteria can be generated.

At no time should the quizzer be allowed to study from or review the set of questions that have been generated for testing. Each quizzer should have a uniquely generated set of questions prepared for their testing.

Quizzers will be asked questions in the same fashion as if they were in a quiz match, but they are not required to activate any equipment or be identified before responding. Their response should be evaluated using the same criteria used in a quiz match (for detail please see Section 4 “Before the Quiz Meet” in the official JBQ guidelines).

The person administering the test must not be an immediate family member to the person being tested. Breaks, for study, between the first and last questions are not allowed. Each test should be administered in one complete sitting and only one test may be administered per day.

Awards Application (PDF)